When the Moon Loses the Sun: A Story of Sisterhood

While the first sister was born of the moon, a dreamer who would read books of faraway lands and magical places, the second was born of the sun, an explorer who would jump from higher heights and test boundaries to find the limits of reality.

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The First Thanksgiving: The Empty Seat

My Thanksgiving was peaceful, quiet, and un-noteworthy. There was no drama. There was no chaos. There were no fights nor eye-rolls. There was no scrambling or resistance. It simply was a Thanksgiving. In all consideration, it should be forgettable and pleasant. However, it was my least favorite and most uncomfortable and I don’t think I... Continue Reading →

Fear is not an argument

Fear drives us to do whatever we must to feel safe. When our safety is threatened, our needs are not being met on that basic level so we forgo love, justice, and morality until we can meet our need for safety. When leaders use fear as reasoning, they take advantage of our fragility, they upend... Continue Reading →

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