About the Author

IMG_2111I am a work in progress.

I used to be a high school English teacher, and that defined my life. Even at family reunions, I was “the Teacher.” Though I loved working with students, I learned that I needed to become a multi-faceted person. Plus, my contract wasn’t renewed at my last school, which was a brutal shock, but that gut-wrenching moment made me realize something: a career should not define a person. So I took my parents’ advice from many years ago and decided to see what else was out there.

It’s time to leave my little comfort zone and find out who I am and what makes me joyful. It’s time to take risks and it’s time to become interesting.

So today? Today, I am me, simply and completely me. Whoever that may be.


The Story Behind the Blog Title

I was raised with a family motto passed down from my mother: “God never puts a mountain in front of you that you can’t climb.” Now, I don’t believe that He puts struggles in our way, but I do believe that He equips us to face our challenges, our mountains. Long have I repeated this motto to myself as a reminder that I can overcome the challenges set before me.

Mom asked me, “But why Tackling the Mountain?”

And to that I just say, well, I’m stubborn. I tend to fight the process, I tend to battle it out. It’s not just a climb, it’s a climb of Rocky proportions. So Climbing the Mountain wasn’t appropriate, especially when I’m more likely to be yelling at it, pleading with it, or ignoring it before I actually try taking a step forward. I know, how silly. Can you imagine wrestling with a mountain? It’s foolish. And while I don’t fully know myself, I do know I can be a stubborn fool. Seriously, if I know God has equipped me, then why am I resisting the ascent? (I’m a very flawed person and a very flawed Christian… I guess you can add that to my bio.)

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